Korean Debutante

by Johnny O'Donnell & Sacramento



This E.P. contains songs recorded with the band SLAM in Seattle, WA
and an early incarnation of Sacramento in Los Angeles, CA.
The songs were written in a dark place emotionally, in a strange part of South Korea geographically and sparkling, alcohol-fueled headspace aesthetically.


released October 24, 2010

Written by Johnny O'Donnell
Musicians include: Adam Aaronson, Lauren Everett, Sterling Mackinnon, Matt Becks, Jeremy Sage, Aaron Orsen, Mikko Freeman, Ashley Dzerdijian, Johnny O'Donnell, Max Hart, Shaun Puklavetz
Production credits: Eugene Toale, Tim Shrout, Adam White
Cover photo: Lauren Everett



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Johnny O'Donnell Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Last Lonely Won
'Well, it's Seoul and it snows and it melts in my hair
But I don't think I'm honestly there'
Track Name: Retreat To America
'Each night I sniff out that secret fire
The flame that lights the wax that melts desire'
Track Name: Supermarket Nightmare
'Have you been out long?
On a rollin heatwave?
Like the California condor?'
Track Name: Crackin' Up
'All my friends it seems I've left for dead
None of them have brains within their heads'